Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers

If you're still trying to work out what to buy this Christmas, here are a few of my favourite food books from this year, as well as the things I have loved eating and using in my kitchen over the past twelve months. I'd...

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Homemade Christmas Gifts

I am not one for getting all crazy about Christmas in November, but one thing I do think it's worth thinking about are homemade presents. Some need a little time to sit and mature so when I have a spare dark evening...

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How to Make a Green Christmas Wreath

I love wreaths. When we got married this summer a simple eucalyptus wreath hung on the door as the only decoration for the 16th century church on the island out at sea where we got married. There is something so...

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Festive Leftovers Ideas

These recipes are inspired by making the most of the Christmas leftover glut but also by the desire for fresher, cleaner, more vibrant food to counter the wonderful indulgence of Christmas. My recipes are packed with...

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#CookforSyria: Black-eyed beans with chard and green herb smash

#CookForSyria is an amazing nation-wide fundraising initiative curated by Clerkenwell Boy and SUITCASE Magazine. The month-long campaign is all about Syrian cuisine and aims to encourage everyone from top chefs to...

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Coppafeel! Almond Milk French Toast

Coppafeel! are an amazing group of people doing everything they can to raise awareness of breast cancer. The charity was founded in 2009 by Kristin Hallenga, following her diagnosis of secondary breast cancer at 23. She...

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Supper Club Charred Squash with Burrata + Loveage Oil

For three uncharacteristically warm evenings this October I was lucky enough to take over Paradise for a series of three suppers. It felt like having a load of friends round for dinner (nearly 90 each night), just in a...

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Squash, Roasted Tomato and Popped Black Bean Salad + Washington Post Q + A

There has been a lot of amazing stuff happening in my life this year and a lot of moments where I have been pinching myself and wondering if it's all real. Today was one of those moments when I opened my computer and...

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A week in Portland + the Oregon Coast

We’ve spent the last week in Oregon, a place I’ve wanted to visit for a really long time, mainly because I’ve wanted to visit Portland and get into its incredible food scene and general creative...

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Organic September + Turkish Frying Pan Flatbreads with Spoon Salad

If we go back a bit, organic isn’t something that’s posh, or different, it’s just appreciating fruit and vegetables with as little messing around as possible. Often it is made to seem like a fashionable or...

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