All- time Favourite Vegetarian Christmas Sides + Starters

In the latest of my all-time Christmas favourites, I’ve turned my attention to sides and starters.

For me, the linchpin of a good Christmas dinner is the roast potato: golden and crunchy on the outside, soft and cloudy inside. Then there’s the other trimmings – Brussels sprouts made into a crunchy slaw, confit garlic cauliflower cheese, a speedy stuffing, and the most delicious vegan gravy in town. 

Posted: 08.12.20 1 Comments


Posted by Derek Jones at 4:58 on the 11.12.20

Anna, you have changed our lives. One of my wife’s colleagues recommended A Modern Way to Cook about a year ago and we have never looked back since. We’ve become vegetarians (ok, so we’ve sometimes eaten fish in restaurants) and we’ve enjoyed the best and most varied food ever, mostly from your recipes. Thank you so very much…

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