How to choose what to eat tonight

Autumn is here: cold days and dark nights. Crispy ombre leaves under foot and cold just pinching your cheeks; scarves wrapped around necks and flip flops finally relegated. Half of me is sad to say goodbye to the heady days of summer and quick thrown-together suppers eaten outside, but a bigger part of me is excited. This is my favourite time of year in the kitchen. The spoils of a long summer finally come to fruition and there is a proper bounty at our fingertips before the freeze sets in.

When it comes to cooking, I always think it’s like the transition from summer to autumn dressing – you forget what you have in your wardrobe, what shoes to wear with a certain dress or what it’s like to not wear open-toe shoes every day. But, equally, you discover old favourites and gems you’ve forgotten.

You have to get back into the swing of cooking dinners, lunches and speedy breakfasts again. While you can still rely on old favourites, just like in your wardrobe, it’s always nice to have a couple of new refreshing ideas up your sleeve.

When I don’t know what to cook, often this is how I decide:

Pick a hero ingredient – right now: chard, corn, figs, squash, beetroot, cauliflower

Pick a flavourlemons, heady herbs, sweetness, chilli heat, smoky spice

Pick a dish – think noodles, dahlpasta, salad, sandwich, chilli

Pick how you want the dish to make you feelhealthy, cleansing, hearty, warming, cosy



Whole roast cauliflower
Savoury chickpea pancake
Lentil and bay gratin


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Posted by Sara at 10:11 on the 12.10.18

The chickpea flour and carrot pancakes are amazing! They have become my new bread substitute. I don’t tolerate wheat well and am always attempting substitutes. I make little gram flour rotis from time to time, but with the added carrots these are even better. They hold together really well in the pan too.

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