Jamie’s Food Revolution Day is all about our children having access to good, nutritious food, and as a new mama, this is something extremely close to my heart and what’s going on in our house right now. My little boy has just started eating and the joy it gives me as he smushes his first strawberry into his face or chews on a crust of sourdough is really wonderful.

The revolution is all about being aware of where our food comes from, how it’s produced, how we cook it, and the effect it has on our planet. It encourages everyone – from fathers to politicians, to take some responsibility for the way we produce, buy, cook and consume food.

Last year, I spent the day with Gennaro Contaldo, and Jamie, making pasta in a playground with some very sweet kids.


This year Food Revolution seems to be wider than just the day (20th May). A day of action is an amazing thing but it’s this year there are more things happening over a few weeks to help bring these changes into our homes everyday and not just on one day. Jamie is aiming to show us that nutritious food can be super fast, really simple and absolutely delicious. And what better example of healthy fast food than the humble omelette?

Food Revolution Day is challenging you to make a healthy omelette that symbolises your nation through the ingredients and methods used to create it. So I thought I’d share one of the food maps from my book for some inspiration, it’s a kind of choose-your-own adventure chart, with my ten favourite combinations or try my Soft Green Herb Omelette for a fresh, quick dinner.

Download the graphic as a PDF or click on the graphic to enlarge.

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Posted by Frances at 12:56 on the 20.05.16

Each year I pre-prepare small frozen batches of cooked, chopped spinach. One very quick cook-up of the leaves from the garden produces lots of flavoursome portions. A small bag of frozen chopped spinach can be defrosted in the microwave and stirred into the eggs in an instant with none of the flavour lost.

Posted by Dicky de Jong at 2:46 on the 22.05.16

In my work as a psychiatrist nurse I am learning people to cook an healthy meal for 2.50 euro. These are perfect recipes to use. Thank you

Posted by marie at 4:20 on the 22.05.16

That’s a brilliant chart of ingredients.

Posted by I love omelettes but the print is too small to read this chart. at 5:13 on the 22.05.16

Love this post.

Posted by Anna at 6:57 on the 23.05.16

Please click on the graphic to enlarge it.

Posted by Brenda Espinoza at 7:58 on the 22.05.16

Good variety of veg. Will try.

Posted by Gary Scarrow at 2:52 on the 23.05.16

Unfortunately, the chart displayed on FaceBook (very small font) was illegible. Kindly provide a link (or a legible copy of the chart).

Many thanks.

Gary S (an omelette lover)

Posted by Anna at 7:38 on the 23.05.16

Hi Gary, thanks very much for your comment. Please click on the graphic and it will enlarge so you should be able to read it. All the best

Posted by Adriana at 6:44 on the 23.05.16

Thank you! I will try them all. 😀

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