Four ultimate veggie sandwiches


At home, sandwiches play a big part in how we eat. Most often I make a kind of reuben sandwich, a quick maple-marinated tofu or tempeh, fried until crisp, a little thinly cut cheddar, dill pickles and chilli-spiked mayo. It’s always on good bread, sourdough or something richly seeded. After all, a sandwich can only ever be as good as its bread – a proverb I think we could all live by.

Katz’s deli-inspired tofu melt

I use an American-style sourdough or rye here, but any bread will do; I like quite a soft crust. The Russian dressing is not mandatory – just a slick of mustard will still make a delicious sandwich. You can just buy jarred sauerkraut if you’d rather.

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Caper, herb and mustard egg sandwich

Like a classic egg mayonnaise. But better.

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Kale smash, honeyed carrot, and hummus

I always love seeing you guys making my recipes - linking to this one as I have never seen one of them rendered digitally in 3d before!

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Ricotta and romesco sandwich

The romesco takes a little time to make, but once you have a jar of this flavour-packed wonder sauce in your fridge, it will fuel a week’s worth of meals and you’ll be patting yourself on the back after each one. This recipe makes more romesco than you need, so I’ve suggested some more ideas for how to use it below.

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