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A Few Favourite Things from September

It stayed hot here in London well into mid September which meant an Indian summer and a final few trips to the beach.

Here are the things which kept me happy in September:

Cinnamon buns became a new and increasingly frequent October obsession. I buy them from my local café Cooper and Wolf who make killer ones but I am also obsessed by the cardamom version at Fabrique Bakery who have places in Shoreditch and Stockholm and making these killer ones from the ever talented Sarah B.

It’s got cold here in London for the last few days of September so we’ve had the first log fire of the year and been nesting under these Snowdonian Welsh blankets which I am in love with and come from an old family run woollen mill in the hills.

Listening to this, the 1977 Episode of Desert Island Discs with Jessica Mitford. Deborah Cavendish, the last of Mitford sisters, recently passed away. I devoured all their books when I discovered them a few years back. This is a 45 minute step back in time. (It is great to travel back, although I’m glad to say feminist ideals have moved on since!)

I’ve been reminded of this brilliant film by Michael Pollan, he just says it how it is. We all need to watch this and take note.

Letting the hippy take over on my friend Lizzie’s beautiful hen/bachelorette party in a yurt. I showed everyone how to make flower headdresses. Here is a tutorial on how to make them from friends The Flower Appreciation Society.

Probably our last sunny trip to the beach of the year. We woke up a stunning view and after an early morning surf and dip in the sea we ate breakfast here in the gardens overlooking the beach.

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