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My New Book: One

I am so excited to announce my brand-new book, One. 

I have been working on this book for 2 years and it brings together everything I have learnt so far in my 16 years cooking for a living. Life-friendly food that has kindness to ourselves and the planet at its heart and is stand-out delicious and unfussy. 

I am so so proud of the 150 or so recipes in this book. Expect chapters on traybakes, one-pot meals and super quick weeknight dinners. As well as ways in which you can be conscious in your kitchen, moving the conversation around how we eat and our impact on the planet forwards. 

Some favourites; Persian noodle soup; Korean carrot and sesame pancakes; African peanut stew; baked dahl with tamarind-glazed sweet potato; and halloumi, mint, lemon and caramelised onion pie.

I hope there are recipes here for every moment from a weeknight tahini broccoli on toast to puddings and feasts for having people over.

As always I try to make sure that the recipes are new and inventive while staying close to home as possible with the ingredients I use. I want these recipes to become your kitchen staples. There are a few favourites from my Guardian column too.

All the recipes can be made vegan or vegetarian as you choose, excluding no one. I want to help you reduce waste, use leftovers and make your kitchen as plastic-free as possible. This book is I hope, good for you, your pocket and for the planet.

For the first time, I am taking pre-orders on my website (for UK delivery only), and the first 500 copies ordered directly from my website will be signed by me and delivered to you for the publication date. 

Please note that payment will be taken on the day of purchase and the book will be despatched in April on the day of release (currently 2nd April 2020 but subject to change).

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Posted by Gurbax at 12:42 on the 29.02.20

Want to buy this book

Posted by Karen Everett at 8:16 on the 10.04.20

Are signed books still available?

Posted by Jennifer Aarestad at 2:56 on the 26.05.20

I am wondering why your new book release date keeps getting delayed. My kids ordered me one (for Mother’s Day) and I just got a notification I won’t be getting it until May 2021. Is this just a Canadian problem? Is there some other way I can get my hands on it earlier?
I have and use and LOVE all your other books!
Thanks very much,

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