When I became vegetarian, most of my family quickly followed suit. Brother, sister, mum and boyfriend all made the transition within months of each other, meaning we had to start some new Christmas traditions of our own. All of sudden, there was no bird to go in the oven at 7am, no pigs to wrap in blankets and our festive traditions needed a rethink.

We’ve experimented with all sorts of centrepieces that mean Christmas to us, and these are the ones that made the grade, that I know I will be cooking for many years to come.

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Posted by Tracy Havlin at 1:02 on the 06.12.20

That cranberry topped nut roast is the BEST!! I found it on Jamie Oliver’s website a few years ago & made it for a potluck Christmas dinner so I’d have something to eat & it wowed meat eaters as well xx

Posted by Honeysuckle at 7:57 on the 03.12.21

We grow chestnuts..we cook and peel .. how do vaccuum packed compare .. are they the same or are required to prepare ours differently ?Thanks..

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