A Book Launch to Remember

A couple of weeks back we had a party. It was to celebrate the launch of my new book The Modern Cook’s Year and it was a good one. We were lucky enough to celebrate in the beautiful rooms upstairs at Brunswick house, the perfect space for an autumn party.  The walls are hung with paintings, chandeliers, marble fireplaces. The amazing Worm London added to it all with some of the most incredible flowers I’ve seen, a rainbow of autumnal colours and fruits. Just incredible, thank you Katie and Terri, you guys amaze me. 

We ate Squash & Tomato Piadini, Figs, Pistachio and Labneh and Chermoula and Carrot and Chickpea Fritters, all from the book , together with Chickpea and Leek Panisse, with Spenwood cheese and Celery Leaf from the chefs at Brunswick House. It’s truly one of my favourite places to eat in London, incredible thoughtful food and generous warm people. Thank you Jackson and the team for making it all so amazing. 

We drank my favourite beer from Beavertown – Neck Oil is hoppy and citrusy and everything that a beer should be. There were also huge glasses of wine which may have been to blame for a Wednesday morning hangover or two. Some though wisely opted for the cocktails mixed by Seedlip. Their non-alcoholic distilled spirit made beautiful beetroot and celery shrubs and spiced tonics, and their drinks are one of my favourite discoveries of the year. 

We even had some special chocolate bars from Nom Nom the brilliant Welsh chocolate makers –  dark, dark chocolate dotted with honeycomb and our very own wrapper. The 8 yr old in me was very happy about it all. 

I made a speech and cried twice, it was probably far too long, but there were a lot of people to thank from the brilliant people I work with to my unbelievably supportive husband and family. The evening ended in a dance party and beetroot burgers all round at a burger bar across the road (and no the irony of that wasn’t lost on any of us). My mum and dad started the dancing, and owned the dance floor with their jive. If only every Tuesday could be quite as brilliant. 

A special mention to Michelle Kane and all at my wonderful publishers 4th Estate and Jess Lea Wilson for putting it all together. I am lucky enough to be surround by amazing inspiring women, you are two of the best. 

I am working on a series of blogs about the creative process of making a cookbook, from how it’s written to how the photographs come together and the incredible people who helped me make it so watch out for those in the next few weeks. 

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Posted by JP at 12:38 on the 27.10.17

I am now almost glad I missed your speech as I think your tears would have set me off and the whole night would have descended in to a salty wet mess. Not the burger bar dancing delight that it was! Love all my Joneses. Xxx

Posted by Geraldine M Jones at 6:13 on the 27.10.17

Definitely a night to remember! A wonderful venue and superb event. Great to meet all your colleagues and friends, Anna! Well done everyone!

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