A Life-Changing Restaurant

Sixteen years ago I walked though the doors of Fifteen and the course of my life changed. I was given a place on fifteen program – a chance to cook and learn from chefs who cared so much and showed us the magic of food. A nurturing kitchen that suited me and was so different to the macho kitchens I knew I’d never fit into.

Without this place I’m pretty sure there would be no cookbooks and I wouldn’t have the absolute privilege of doing a job I love with all my heart. And this story is repeated for countless fifteen graduates. I was given a golden ticket that day and an education in cooking that I could never have dreamed of.

To this day walking through the doors of Fifteen feels like coming home, I’ll miss that and my heart goes out to all the people who have lost their jobs. Jamie, you and the incredible changemakers of Fifteen shifted peoples lives, it helped take kitchen culture out of the dark ages. This was not just a restaurant, it has smashed the ceiling of what it set out to do. I am honoured to have been a tiny little part of it. Thank you Jamie and every person far to many to name who gave their heart to fifteen.

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Posted: 28.05.19 3 Comments


Posted by Hanna at 1:49 on the 31.05.19

Food is my interest and cooking is my passion. But I’ve never left my own kitchen because I have always felt terrified of that macho kitchen vibe. But now reading what you wrote about Fifteen. I’m heartbroken to hear such a place existed and will no longer be there for future cooks that need nurturing not bullying.

Posted by June Spehr at 3:27 on the 01.06.19

Hi Anna
I was delighted to read what you wrote regarding Jamie and the impact that he has had on so many people’s lives. Too often people are so quick to criticize but slow to praise.
As a former chef myself I have followed with interest the career path of Fede, who is the son of a very old friend of mine. As you are probably aware he is now working fir Coutts Bank

Posted by June Spehr at 3:38 on the 01.06.19

Sorry that went of before I had finished.
…….and now works for Coutts Bank and because of the excellent training he had through Jamie he worked for some if the best chefs in the UK along the way.
I have absolutely no doubt that without Jamie Fede’s career and in fact life, would have been very different. I am sure that over the years he has had a huge impact on not only so many young chefs like Fede but on the foid industry in the UK as well.
Now live in Oz in Noosa Queensland and really love your recipes. They are very inspiring. Many thanks.
Kind regards
June Spehr

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