Five Suppers for Back to School/ Work/ Life

I’m just about ready to talk about the end of summer. Some people get excited about autumn and jumpers at the end of August, I am not one of those people. I wring out every last bit of summer, I resent the newsletters announcing autumn halfway through August. Summer is short enough on this island without making it any shorter.

Now, halfway through September, the temperature has dropped and I am just about ready to think about autumn and the return of routine which comes with it. I am still hoping for some dinners outside and maybe a last couple of iced coffees but I’m ready for a jumper.

In the spirit of autumn and routines returning I thought I’d arm you with a week’s worth of recipes. If you are anything like me them over the summer of holidays and hot days the oven was rarely turned on and the recipe books stayed firmly on the shelves. I had to remind myself of the recipes which fit into the after-school or work window. Here are a few I love from some Dosa potato cakes which are an anytime recipe, to a one-pan crispy butterbean that’s made every couple of weeks here.


Throw the last of the summer harvest into a sweetcorn and tomato curry spiked with chilli, alongside a tower of  chapatis.


So often the recipe that people tell me they make the most. A brilliant way to use leftover mash, borrowing flavours from my favourite Masala Dosa.


I love a sandwich. Why are they so often relegated to lunchtime? As far as I am concerned, they are a meal as worthy of fanfare as any other. The romesco takes a little time to make, but once you have a jar of this flavour-packed wonder sauce in your fridge, it will boost so many meals, you’ll be patting yourself on the back after each one.


A simple dinner. I eat this with a green salad and, if I am hungry, a slice of bread, toasted and rubbed with a little garlic and drizzled with olive oil.



With flavours firmly rooted in Italy, this gratin tastes more indulgent than the sum of its parts.


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Posted by Anne Martin at 9:14 on the 06.11.20

Anna, I would like your newsletters, please. Link in bio, a foreign language to me! I’m a bit of a technophobe so, I’m totally ‘at sea’. Many thanks, Best regards, Anne x

Posted by Karen Richard at 12:46 on the 23.09.22

I am swith you on getting every last ray of sunshine and so excited to make the sweet corn and tomato curry. Wishing you an uncomplicated and happy time in the coming months. I am so grateful for your lovely books. Good luck xxx

Posted by Helen at 8:20 on the 23.09.22

Congrats on the bub! Love waking up to these lovely recipes. If only I could get my head around being in another hemisphere (New Zealand). Will save in advance.

Posted by Corinne at 5:08 on the 04.10.22

I am so delighted with your special baby news & I wish you so many best wishes & enjoy the precious time with your family . I enjoy trying so many of you recipes – thinking of doing the chard lentil & bay gratin. You are very inspirational.

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