Valentine’s Melting Maple Chocolate Pudding

Molten chocolate takes a lot of beating and it's difficult not to love anyone who makes these puddings for you. If there is one of these oozy chocolate puds on the menu in a restaurant I struggle to order anything...

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Ten Questions with Claire Ptak + Cinnamon Buns

If there's one thing that my friend Claire Ptak understands, it's that a really good slice of cake is a thing of beauty. Her bakery is one of my favourite places, a sanctuary of cake - little rows of the flakiest...

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Eating Trends for 2017 from Jamie Oliver, Ottolenghi + Friends

January is a month for looking forward. Whilst I set gentle intentions, I have been thinking more generally about the food that will be gracing our tables in the year to come. Our food appetites, like fashions and...

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January Eating

January gets a bad write-up but it’s a time of year I love – a time to gather thoughts to let the holiday glow slowly dim. I let it run until about the 15th, when I gently lay down some intentions for the year...

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Harrod’s + Dhal with crispy sweet potato and quick coconut chutney

I won’t bore you with how I’m not going to kick start my January with green juices or diets. Not dieting in January has thankfully become much more normal than embarking on a crazy short-lived detox. I do...

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Complete Festive Guide

I love the few days before Christmas. In fact, I think I prefer them to the day itself. I thrive on the frantic last-minute shopping, the armfuls of bags, the evenings wrapping and tying presents. Queuing out the door...

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Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers

If you're still trying to work out what to buy this Christmas, here are a few of my favourite food books from this year, as well as the things I have loved eating and using in my kitchen over the past twelve months. I'd...

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Homemade Christmas Gifts

I am not one for getting all crazy about Christmas in November, but one thing I do think it's worth thinking about are homemade presents. Some need a little time to sit and mature so when I have a spare dark evening...

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How to Make a Green Christmas Wreath

I love wreaths. When we got married this summer a simple eucalyptus wreath hung on the door as the only decoration for the 16th century church on the island out at sea where we got married. There is something so...

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Festive Leftovers Ideas

These recipes are inspired by making the most of the Christmas leftover glut but also by the desire for fresher, cleaner, more vibrant food to counter the wonderful indulgence of Christmas. My recipes are packed with...

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