Dosa-spiced Potato Cakes with Quick Cucumber Pickle

A couple of weeks ago one of my food heroes, Sheila Dillon, came to interview me for one of my favourite radio shows: Radio 4's Food Programme. I am so used to Sheila's gentle tone filling my kitchen that it was quite...

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Persian Pea + Herb Little Bakes with Beetroot Labneh

Last week I hosted the most incredible brunch at Harrods to celebrate my range in the food halls rolling through to spring. It was a dream morning - many of my favourite people, a real feast, and an absolutely...

Posted: 04.04.17 4 Comments

A Celebration of Tea

I am a tea person. I love the smell of coffee but it make me a bit loopy so I save it for days when I really need a boost. Tea is my drink. I drink about ten cups a day. It's pathetically predictable and British of me...

Posted: 15.03.17 1 Comments

How to Eat Ten Fruit + Veg a Day

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about eating ten, rather than the usually recommend five, portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Recently, new research from Imperial College has shown that...

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Valentine’s Melting Maple Chocolate Pudding

Molten chocolate takes a lot of beating and it's difficult not to love anyone who makes these puddings for you. If there is one of these oozy chocolate puds on the menu in a restaurant I struggle to order anything...

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Ten Questions with Claire Ptak + Cinnamon Buns

If there's one thing that my friend Claire Ptak understands, it's that a really good slice of cake is a thing of beauty. Her bakery is one of my favourite places, a sanctuary of cake - little rows of the flakiest...

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Eating Trends for 2017 from Jamie Oliver, Ottolenghi + Friends

January is a month for looking forward. Whilst I set gentle intentions, I have been thinking more generally about the food that will be gracing our tables in the year to come. Our food appetites, like fashions and...

Posted: 20.01.17 2 Comments

January Eating

January gets a bad write-up but it’s a time of year I love – a time to gather thoughts to let the holiday glow slowly dim. I let it run until about the 15th, when I gently lay down some intentions for the year...

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Harrod’s + Dhal with crispy sweet potato and quick coconut chutney

I won’t bore you with how I’m not going to kick start my January with green juices or diets. Not dieting in January has thankfully become much more normal than embarking on a crazy short-lived detox. I do...

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Complete Festive Guide

I love the few days before Christmas. In fact, I think I prefer them to the day itself. I thrive on the frantic last-minute shopping, the armfuls of bags, the evenings wrapping and tying presents. Queuing out the door...

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