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7 Day Reset

A few times a year I do a reset to help me connect with what I am eating again, to tune back in with my body and to fall back in love with food again. 

My journey into eating and cooking with plants at the centre of my plate, and in turn writing my books, came out of a reset like this one. Like anyone else, I get into patterns and habits with food; some good, some bad, driven as much by emotion as nutrition. 

This plan is an easy-to-follow, practical recipe and meal plan for those wishing to re-nourish and re-set. Delivered straight to your inbox as a downloadable PDF,  this is for those keen to get back into the kitchen cooking deliciously simple, plant-based meals from scratch – with grace.

More info here.

Posted: 01.01.20 3 Comments


Posted by Jill McClure at 12:13 on the 13.01.20

I got your recipe book for Christmas and I’m loving it. Love the idea of a 7 day reset alongside.

Posted by Richard Cobden at 8:57 on the 16.01.20

Posted by Maike Sakschewski at 10:49 on the 25.01.20

Loving your recipes!! Thank you

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