Top Ten Vegetarian Christmas Recipes

When I became vegetarian, most of my family quickly followed suit. Brother, sister, mum and boyfriend all made the transition within months of each other, meaning we had to start some new Christmas traditions of our own. All of sudden, there was no bird to go in the oven at 7am, no pigs to wrap in blankets and our festive traditions needed a rethink.

We’ve experimented with all sorts of pies, puddings and suppers that mean Christmas to us, and these are the ones that made the grade, that I know I will be cooking for many years to come.

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Posted by Liz at 11:04 on the 02.11.15

I love this so much. Vegetarian for three and a half years, this will be my fourth veggie Christmas and it’ll be nice to have something other than feta, spinach and pine nut pie.
The rest of my family are still cannibals and will probably just eat each other.

Posted by Marie khan at 2:13 on the 31.10.16

Just turned vegetarian of 4 weeks so looking forward to trying the recipes that look delicious. Thanks for sharing

Posted by Shreya at 2:37 on the 05.12.16

I have been a vegetarian since birth. But these recipes for Xmas look delicious!! We normally for Christmas have mushroom and chestnut tart with roast potatoes 🙂 will be following your blog! Shreya x

Posted by Anna at 2:39 on the 05.12.16

Hope you enjoy them Shreya. AJ x

Posted by Deirdre Wright at 6:29 on the 11.12.16

Found your pages after reading Guardian Cook yesterday. I have been veggie since I was 15 (35 years) and have some tried and trusted Xmas recipes, but my daughter has just become vegan and this has certainly given some ideas. Thank you

Posted by Harriet Price at 3:16 on the 17.12.16

Hello Anna, I love your approach to food, thank you so much! Could you let me know if any part of your Goodwill Rainbow Pie can be frozen or cooked ahead of time/ I am travelling and would like to take it with me, or to assemble and cook when I get to the place I’m going to for Christmas. Once again, thank you!

Posted by Jane Susanna ENNIS at 12:31 on the 19.11.17

The nut roast sounds fabulous, I MUST try this! !!

Posted by Lyn at 7:32 on the 20.11.17

Absolutely love this..such wonderful recipes thank you…As for the post ftom Liz…can’t stop laughing !!!

Posted by Kt Nizette at 4:09 on the 25.08.18

Yummmmmyyyyyy. Def for my Christmas table. Thank you so much for sharing.

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