Anna Jones at the Do Lectures

Anna talks about the value of trusting your instinct.

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Easy Vegetable Soup - Three Ways

If you haven’t got a failsafe soup recipe in your arsenal than look no further than this tasty offering from Vegetarian cook Anna Jones. From one batch of sweet potato and squash soup she creates three different serving suggestions that will see you through the week. Blend and drizzle with chilli and thyme oil for a more refined dish or spoon over brown rice with a cool dollop of yogurt for something more filling. Or simply leave the soup chunky and mix through with cannellini beans for a heartier alternative. Delicious, versatile and healthy. A must have recipe for anyone wanting to eat well and save time in the kitchen.

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Cauliflower Gluten-Free Pizza

Here’s a quick, gluten-free and vegetarian pizza recipe you can enjoy any night of the week. Unlike a traditional dough based pizza this meat-free version has a crispy base made from cauliflower. Yes, we know it sounds weird but trust us, it’s absolutely delicious. Baked until perfectly golden and topped with a homemade tomato sauce, fresh greens, shaved fennel and a scattering of basil and pecorino. So good and with all that healthy veg, it’s a tasty and ingenius way to hit your five a day. Perfect.

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Avocado & Barley Bowl Salad

Save yourself time and money with Anna’s delicious and healthy Avocado and Barley Bowl Salad. Baby spinach and toasted nuts pack in your protein punch, crumbled feta and a yogurty dressing dish up your dairy and pearl barley covers your carbs. Add in the smoky griddled avocado and you have a perfectly balanced and wholesome salad perfect for packing up and putting in your lunch box.

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The Pool meets Anna Jones: the director's cut

The Pool meets Anna Jones to talk about speedy meals, feeding the neighbourhood and her new book A Modern Way to Cook.

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Healthy Breakfast Muesli | #10HealthyMeals

This is a perfect healthy overnight Bircher Muesli recipe. Packed with slow-release energy, protein, fruit and nuts it’s a complete tasty package to get your day started and keep you going until lunch. Use with your milk of choice for a dairy or dairy-free version.

This recipe:

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Christmas Nut Roast

This Christmas Food Tube has great recipes for every diet and taste plus all the classics done perfectly. To kick things off here’s a delicious vegan nut roast recipe that’s gluten and dairy free too. A nutty, buttery galette base with a creamy pesto topping of greens and cashews finished with roasted squash and caramelised red onions. This centrepiece recipe is a fantastic alternative to Christmas turkey that even the meat eaters will love.

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Citrus Rehydrator

Anna Jones’ Citrus Rehydrator is the perfect, natural post-workout thirst quencher. You’ll need lemons, clementines, a pinch of sea salt (we lose a lot salt through sweat when we exercise, so adding salt is only necessary if you’re drinking this after a workout!), maple syrup and water. Blend it all together, serve over ice, drink and feel better!

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