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Rosado de verano

Rosado for web

I’ve spent many summers sipping this super-summery drink on grassy verges in Barcelona. The Spanish call this super-relaxed streetside drinking ‘botellón’ – everyone brings a bottle, glasses and some ice and it’s as simple as that.

This is often made with red wine, which works just as well, and shop- bought lemonade, and I have even seen this mixed up with cola. This dusky rose version is my take on the perfect summertime drink.

5 mins
Makes 1.5 Litres
Rosado for web


  • 1 bottle of decent rosé (nothing too posh), cold
  • 750ml sparkling water
  • 150ml agave syrup
  • 1 unwaxed lemon, sliced
  • 1 unwaxed lime, sliced
  1. Put everything into a jug with lots of ice and give it a good stir. Then drink it outside in the sunshine or on a warm summer evening.

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