Cardamom and honey Turkish coffee

I love cardamom and I love coffee, so this is heaven. This is a coffee for the afternoon and it deserves a slice of cake.

Real Turkish coffee is boiled in a little contraption called an ibrik, and the coffee is ground so fine that it settles on the bottom of the cup, but this is my cheat’s version.  I make this version using a cafetière.


2 heaped tablespoons decent Fairtrade ground coffee
6 cardamom pods, bashed
honey or unrefined Fairtrade brown sugar, to sweeten

Put the coffee and cardamom pods into a cafetière and cover with 400ml of boiling water. Leave to sit for 3 minutes, stirring a few times as it sits, then plunge and pour into cups, sweetening with honey or brown sugar as needed.

Serve in little cups, with a slice of pistachio and elderflower cordial cake.

Image: Brian W Ferry

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Posted by Teknik Informatika at 4:42 on the 16.02.23

Nice coffee recipe. I will try this recipe at home.

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Posted by Ibrahim at 10:32 on the 17.09.23

Thanks for recipe!
I’ll try Decaf Turkish Coffee recipe

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