With the sun – perhaps not lately here but on European shores – comes a summer glut of fruits. When there is too much to pile into my breakfast bowl or eat after supper with a yoghurt and honey drizzle, I look to other ideas to feast on the gems of the season.


When it comes to making preserves we take our cue from nature. Fruit for preserving is ready when branches are bowing and there is just too much to turn into a tart or pile into a breakfast bowl. The late summer glut is a preserve makers’ Christmas, the sun of the summer has ripened up a deep crimson rainbow of berries and stone fruits.


This tart has the lightness and freshness that’s key in a summer pudding. The coconut crust is topped with a macaroon filling and scattered with cherries.You can make this all year round, changing the cherries for whatever’s in season – strawberries in summer, slices of ripe pear in autumn, blood oranges and orange blossom water in winter.


Just-right sweet yet tart scarlet and vibrant pink summer fruit sits on top of a half-pastry, half-flapjack base, all topped off with a crunchy crumble topping. These bars are free from eggs, dairy and refined sugar, and gluten-free if you use a good gluten-free flour blend. If coconut sugar and oil are too much of a stretch for you, follow the recipe using the same quantities of butter and soft, light brown sugar.


If I’m lucky enough to chance upon an entire box of glowing, honeyed apricots, I’ll eat them as they are over the sink or with a tea towel on my lap to catch the juices. Otherwise, I tend to cook or bake most of the fruits I buy, allowing the flesh to soften into custardy sweetness, and the skin to burnish.


An easy dessert that doubles as a delicious treat of a breakfast, too.

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Posted by Stella at 1:11 on the 08.08.17

These recipes look so decadent and I cannot wait to try them especially as I am on gluten and dairy free diet
Thank you, Stella

Posted by Anna at 2:55 on the 08.08.17

thanks so much Stella, really hope you enjoy x

Posted by MELANIE GULLIVER at 9:08 on the 09.08.17

Hi, do these feature in one of your books at all? I have the first two books- I’m not home right now so can’t check them. Thanks

Posted by MELANIE GULLIVER at 9:11 on the 09.08.17

Hi, me again, do you know if you could use aquafaba instead of the egg whites in the cherry macaroon tart, to veganise it? Thanks

Posted by Anna at 8:42 on the 16.08.17

you could certainly try it, but I’m afraid I’ve never done so. Let me know how it goes!

Posted by Anna at 8:44 on the 16.08.17

Hi Melanie, all of them are in my books except the apricot frangipane, which is in The Guardian

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