Lunches worth working from home for

With the uncertainty of the last few months has come a change: millions more of us are working from home. Whilst this comes with challenges, one of the biggest upsides for me has been having a little flexibility when it comes to making lunch. I spoke about it for a video I did for Woman’s Hour a couple of months ago.

Here are three recipes I’ve found myself coming back to:

The dinner that makes lunch as well:

I love the Persian way of eating: the spices, the sharing and the sense of family. One of my best friends, Mersedeh, is from a family of incredible Persian cooks and I remember eating these little bakes, kookoo shabzi, a generously herbed kind of Persian frittata, at their family parties. I get my fix of these now at a great Persian stall on Broadway Market in Hackney, where kookoos are made in dainty little portions.

Persian pea + herb little bakes with beetroot labneh

Something quick and filling:

This is what I make when reserves are low in every sense of the word, and it’s a great way to use up the last bits of a few bunches of herbs.

Omelettes are my ultimate quick dinner and one of my favourite meals – you can put a perfect one on the table in under 15 minutes. I make my omelettes soft and curdy and just set, and I like them simply spiked with a generous amount of heady soft herbs. Sometimes I skip any filling, as I like the clean simplicity, and I serve mine with a shock of peppery rocket in a punchy vinaigrette.

Soft green herb omelette (+ 10 other fillings)

The classic choice:

Every so often I forget just how good a sandwich can be. Then I try one of these very good ideas and remember why they are one of the ultimate quick lunch fixes.

Open sandwiches 



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