Melting spiced hot chocolate

This is a great Christmas eve treat. Warm soothing hot chocolate with calming cinnamon which will hopefully keep everyone in bed until Father Christmas has been and gone. Don’t forget to leave a mug out for them man himself.

Makes 4 mugs

1 litre of almond, coconut or whole milk
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
100g of good dark or good milk chocolate, grated
2 tablespoons of honey, more if you like it sweet

Carefully heat the milk and allow to just come to a simmer, don’t let it boil or it will boil over onto your cooker. Stir in the chocolate, cinnamon and honey, adding a little more if you like it sweeter. Pour into 4 mugs and serve with marshmallows on top.

Posted: 22.10.15 3 Comments


Posted by marie axon at 6:50 on the 23.08.16

I don’t want to spoil the party but, marshmallows are made with pork or beef gelatine.

Posted by Anna at 11:04 on the 24.08.16

Thanks Marie, conventional marshmallows are often made with gelatine yes, but there are vegetarian marshmallows available. This drink is also delicious without them.

Posted by Linzi at 3:31 on the 16.12.16

I’m making it right now, with rice syrup instead of honey and green & blacks dark chocolate…as that’s all you can get in middle of nowhere Australia

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