Seven Vegan- friendly Suppers for January

Monday: All green miso soup with perfect brown rice

I vary the grains I eat as much as I do the vegetables. In my kitchen, I have a bottom shelf with a colourful line up of jars: red quinoa, black rice, yellow millet, golden amaranth and dusky pearl barley. These homecooked whole grains seem easier to digest: they’re filling and sustaining without me wanting to spend the rest for the day on the sofa.

Tuesday: Quick courgette ratatouille with crispy haricot beans

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but it seems that ratatouille got left behind in the 90s – but it’s a great dish that deserves reviving. This is my quick version – the ideal thing to make on a weeknight. I use the grill to get things working quickly and to impart some crispy edges and charred flavour.

Wednesday: Millet, harissa and roasted carrot salad

(Vegans: replace the Greek yoghurt with coconut) 

If you can find carrots with their tops and fennel with its wispy fronds then you can use these in place of the herbs below. The carrot tops will stand in for parsley and the fennel tops for dill. If millet is hard to find, quinoa or even couscous could step in.

Thursday: Lemongrass and peanut broth

A spritely lemongrass and peanut soup, so hearty some might consider it a stew, bright with aromatics and chilli.

Friday: Black eyed beans with chard and green herb smash

This stew (which is in the amazing Cook For Syria book) is freshened up with a herb and walnut smash, using verdant green herbs and walnuts to make a amazing flavour packed green herb smash to spoon over and crown the finished stew.

Saturday: Dhal with crispy sweet potato and quick coconut chutney

This is possibly my most popular recipe ever. It is a killer dhal, and the roasted sweet potatoes and rose-coloured coconut chutney lift it to something stellar.

Sunday: Gentle potato chowder with toasted chilli oil

To warm you right down to your toes.



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Posted by Rosie at 9:05 on the 24.01.18

Huge congrats on all that has happened in your amazing year, and a snuggly welcome to the wee one!! Totally in love with your welcoming and inspiring recipes. It’s so hard to find recipes that are both challenging enough for all the fully formed adult senses but also potential new eye opening dishes for my two girls (5yr+2yr)….(albeit with a tweak down of chilli and ginger here and there!). Next up is the all green miso for me to try this week. A question, on the link to the guardian site where the recipe is…no.5 says add all the ingredients and stock, but then take off the heat. I’m guessing just simmer til just soft there (e.g. the celery)… before off the heat and puree? Or do you mean puree the raw-ish veg? ❤❤ thank you in advance. I shall report back with the kids facial expressions :))

Posted by Dolci Momenti Roma at 6:37 on the 04.01.20

Really inspiring recipes! I want to try them all! Thanks

Posted by Alison at 2:14 on the 14.01.21

I just ate “Chocolate rye porridge with quick honey pears” from “The Modern Cook’s Year”. Last night, after a long day of work, I quickly threw together “Greens, coconut sambal and mustard seed fried eggs” from the same book. Tonight, I know that I will be exhausted again, so I will pull out my go-to recipe “Smoky pepper and white bean quesadillas” from “A Modern Way to Cook”. Other favorite recipes? Well, they are too numerous to mention, but let’s just say that I have “Black-eyed beans with chard and green herb smash” from “A Modern Way to Cook” and “Dhal with crispy sweet potato and quick coconut chutney” from “A Modern Way to Eat” memorized. I am your biggest Canadian fan. Thank you for your delicious work.

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