Favourite potato recipes

Potato pizza

Potato, leek and chickpea traybake with quick romesco

Potatoes are just about my favourite thing to eat. They have been a comfort and solace for me through good times and bad. Whether it’s my Irish heritage, my unashamed love of stodge or simply because they are such a willing vehicle for butter, my love for potatoes shows no sign of faltering. In fact, one night a few years ago, when I was six months pregnant, I found myself wondering if it was OK to have mash and chips together. I stuck with just the mash.

The crispy-edged golden brown crunch of a roastie; cloud-like mash; a little new potato, boiled and tossed with grassy green herbs, good oil and flaky salt … potatoes are pretty magical in all their forms.

For even more potato love, read my blog on baked potatoes here.

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Almost every meal I cook these days comes in at under 30 minutes. A side effect of my impatience perhaps, but more likely it’s the reality of being one of a pair of working parents. Dinner is a quick, post-work family meal, or something cookable in the time it takes the other to do bathtime. Kids or not, we are all short on time to shop and cook. This potato traybake packs in lots of flavour for the time it takes to prepare, thanks to the quick romesco.

Quick new potato and red onion flatbreads

This is essentially a cheat’s way to a white pizza with potato. If you’d like to add a little more green, pile it with peppery salad leaves when it comes out of the oven.

Golden miso roast potato salad

For the warming potato salad, I bake the potatoes in miso, then slather them in a tomato-spiked dressing until deeply golden brown, before mixing them with lentils and toasted almonds. A complete meal.

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Dosa-spiced potato cakes with quick cucumber pickle

The best breakfast I have ever eaten was a masala dosa in Fort Cochin, Kerala. This is how I like to work the deep, fragrant, southern Indian flavours into my day. It’s an anytime dish with big flavour hitters in the shape of curry leaves and black mustard seeds, which give the potato the warm subtle punch that is the deeply clever balance of southern Indian food. This is how I almost always use up my leftover mashed potato. Any root veg mash works well here but I find potato takes on the flavours best.

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Lemon zest roast potatoes

Just the very best.

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Roasted radishes with sorrel, crispy lentils and buttermilk dressing

This is a very cheerful dinner. Radishes and potatoes are roasted in a little honey and lemon to exaggerate their sweetness, offset by the crispy roast lentils. I use my favourite spring leaf here, sorrel. Its bright lemony flavour makes you sit up when you take a mouthful. This recipe is everything I want in the winter, brightness that somehow makes your mouth water.

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