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When you’re self-employed, your house becomes more than a home – it also becomes where you work, and my kitchen table is at the heart of what I do. It’s where I eat breakfast with John, feast on brunch with my family, and sit round to dinner with friends.

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But it’s also where I develop recipes, play with new spice blends, pair unusual tastes, try endless tarts, cakes, frittatas and casseroles, and come up with flavourful vegetarian dishes for shoots, books and magazine features.

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It’s where I sit to ponder new appetizing combinations over steaming cups of Lady Grey, or, when time is a little tighter late at night, full glasses of red wine.

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And so it seemed like a fitting homage to my home in Hackney when a talented photographer asked to come and shoot my house for a feature on chefs in their homes.

From the rows of colourful recipe books, to the sink that has held endless pans of washing-up (not always the rather picturesque flowers seen here), the resulting photos are a tribute to a place impossible to separate from my working life.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 16.13.44

Photographs: Idha Lindhag for Elle Decoration

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Posted by Sarah at 1:44 on the 29.07.15

Beautiful kitchen, where are your units/cupboards from? Thank you

Posted by Ana @ maninas.wordpress.com at 12:23 on the 02.11.15

Love your living room, and especially the paining over the fireplace.

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