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Natural Beauty Favourites

I keep things pretty simple when it comes to beauty. I always have and now with a toddler things have become even more stripped back. I have spent a long time trying and researching products that I love the feel and smell of, support small business and  have a low impact on the world around us in the ingredients and packaging they use.

A couple are things I have picked up on trips overseas in the US and Australia, I don’t get them shipped so these are something to look out for if you live there or if you have a trip planned, or even ask a friend travelling there to pick up for you :-). These few products are ones I have been using for over two years now and I can hand on heart say I love them (and just a note, they are all things I buy and not things I have been gifted, I think its an important distinction)


Pai Rosehip Oil – this is one of my desert island products and one I am never without. It is an investment but it lasts for months and months. Its the most concentrated Rosehip Oil on the market today and gives my skin an amazing glow from its deep colour. Pai says it improves skin firmness, elasticity and suppleness, and reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, sun damage and fine lines. It’s my nightly face oil.

Clean deodorant balms – the only natural deodorants I’ve found that actually work. They come in different scents and strengths and you can buy a sample size to try it out before buying the full pots, too. And bonus marks for no plastic which is hard to come by when buying deodorant.

Antipodes saviour balm – this is balm for all situations, it smells great and is full of all natural good stuff. I use it for for dry skin, lips, cuts and grazes gentle enough to use on my son. Always in my handbag. I buy the big metal tin and keep a tube in my handbag too. It’s an Autsrialian product so I ask friends to pick this up for me when they travel there.

Morning serum   – a light serum that feels like a drink for my skin when I wake up. Made by a small London- based beauty company with a heart.  I love their face wash too.

Every Day oil – another desert island product, I use this for all over my body and even on my face in winter. It has the most incredible scent so it feels and smells amazing when you apply it. Like a mini spa visit. I’m keen to start blending some of my own oils but until I do this is a firm favourite. You only need a little as the oil goes a long way so a bottle lasts a long time. This is an LA made product that I pick up when I stay with my sister in LA.

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Posted by leonie at 7:24 on the 24.08.18

I use the Pai oil as well and love it. And that Antipodes balm is also a favourite. It’s a New Zealand brand, though I am not surprised you could get it in Australia as well. As a kiwi living in the UK for a number of years, I managed to find a place there that sells it online, so if you run out before any friends are travelling to AUS, you can get more from Naturismo 🙂

Posted by Rose at 12:39 on the 28.08.18

Hi Anna,

Antipodes is actually a New Zealand brand. They do an amazing range of skincare too

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