Homemade Gifts to Post This Christmas

Sending something you have actually made with your own actual hands is a very good way to connect with people you love. It will also make you feel smug, in a Blue Peter badge mixed with Martha Stewart kind of a way. And that’s how I want to feel 24/7.

If you are nervous of sending food in the post don’t be. Wrapped up well, a cake will survive. I’ve sent countless loaves of banana bread as a hi, sorry, hope you feel better, congrats on the new baby, happy Christmas etc. Just wrap/tape/box well and remember to write fragile on it.

Ultimate pecan banana bread

I have baked and wrapped this banana bread in a few layers of brown paper and sent it to friends.

Easy florentine chocolate drops

These are my mum’s favourite. If you live somewhere that is usually hot at Christmas, be warned that the chocolate might melt!

Grapefruit + Bay Bitters

I’d never thought of making bitters before, but after a bit of research I couldn’t believe how easy they were – a few flavours left in some alcohol for a few weeks.

Amazing seeded crackers

The perfect thing for snacking and dipping – you could include a recipe for your favourite dip too. 

Rose and cinnamon tea

My favourite warming tea to see you through the winter – weighs very little too, so great for posting.

Apart from being very pretty to look at, it’s soothing, aromatic and really lovely after a meal.

I use a small handful of dried rose petals and a 2 inch piece of crumbled cinnamon stick for a good sized pot – pop them in a paper bag with a nice tag.


Malted chocolate buckwheat granola

A granola worthy of Christmas – born of my childhood obsession with malted milkshakes. Slightly more grown-up but just as enjoyable, this is easy to make big batches of that are sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

Header image: Kitty Coles for the Rosie Ramsden’s Charcoal Art Club.

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Posted by Clare at 11:30 on the 13.11.20

So lovely and perfect Thank you

Posted by Amanda Blainey at 11:42 on the 13.11.20

What about Chilli Sauce! Something with a bit of spice. Love these suggestions

Posted by Clara at 2:48 on the 13.11.20

Thank you so much for such wonderful ideas and recipes. Forever grateful for your generosity ❤️

Posted by Anne Adams at 7:46 on the 13.11.20

You mention an updated Christmas guide – if we didn’t get this last year, is it still available please?
This is a lovely email – just what is needed during my two weeks quarantine! Thank you x

Posted by Anna at 10:08 on the 09.12.20

Hi Anne, thanks for your kind words. Yes absolutely – you can buy the guide here: https://www.shop.annajones.co.uk/shop/anna-jones-christmas-ebook

Merry Christmas x

Posted by Sunmin at 1:35 on the 16.11.20

Amazing! I decided to make EASY FLORENTINE CHOCOLATE DROPS for Christmas gift!
Thank you so much

Posted by Rachel at 2:02 on the 19.11.21

Hello Anna, thanks so much for sharing this again this year! So many fabulous ideas – I’m inspired and off to rustle up some of the portable gifts now! Have a Happy one xx

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